2016 Classics Cruisin’ Table Rock

Classics Cruisin’ Table Rock Lake 2016

oh beautiful for spacious skies - taken from 1958 Century 21' Coronado

Over the hills and through the woods to Rock Lane Resort came 24 boats and 65 people to  the Classics Cruisin’ Table Rock Lake Weekend in June of 2016.

hills leading to and from Branson, Missouri

The land display this year featured four Glastron/Carlson boats from the collection of Jay and Tricia Krause.  Jay has been collecting and preserving these eye-catching boats for about 15 years.  Two of these boats did get to join us in cruising on Sunday.

Glastron/Carlson boats featured at the 2016 Classics Cruisin' Table Rock Lake

The Thursday evening gathering at Charlie’s for dinner helped us get acquainted with new friends and catch up on the news from those who had attended before.  This year’s event had friends from 10 states including 14 boaters who had never attended before.

On Friday, the sky was tumbling with clouds, but the water was calm, so cruising was delightful!  We started at the Floating Café at Indian Point where Andy and staff more than filled us with a midmorning brunch.

Friday Brunch at Floating Cafe on Indian Point

Then the choice of cruising was to go south toward Arkansas or west and north toward Springfield.  Both cruises led into beautiful river-like scenery.

Pu-Haps 1961 Owens 25' Seaskiff

Friday evening was unstructured and just for fun with eating, drinking, and dancing at the Parrott Pavilion back at Rock Lane.

early morning rain

Saturday morning, it rained SO hard, but at 9:30 quit, so we gathered at the dock and headed west for about 41 miles to the Kings River.  The Shell Knob Chamber of Commerce hosted us at Carmelina’s on the Marina Dock with a great pizza lunch.  Close to 300 people from the area greeted us there as we came cruising in.

Pizza at Carmelina's, Kings River Marina

A special memory of the 2016 event happened here.  The 16’ Century “Lake Rat” somehow was left behind the crowd.  Someone was about to go find them when they were spotted slowly coming up the river channel with a large new fiberglass boat close behind.  On closer inspection, Lake Rat was being a good Samaritan towing the in-distress new boat back to its slip.  Hooray for tough old boats.

Lake Rat 1968 Century 16' Cheetah

An afternoon cruise back and we were all ready for a fun evening at the Ozarks Yacht Club and long conversations about boats and anniversaries, boats and new weddings, boats and river cruises, and boats, and when we could do this again.

lots to talk about the final evening

Here are some boat pictures captured over the weekend.  These pictures came from Bruce Hurst, Marilyn Davenport, John Thompson, Tony Fure, Chuck Gibbs, Steve Spinharney and Kathy Parker.

Edelweiss Chris Craft Commander SedanEdelweiss Chris Craft Commander Sedan

XKape pure eye candy on steroidsXKAPE 1972 Chris Craft XK18 Ski Jet

The Only Bid 1974 Crestliner NorsemanThe Only Bid 1974 Crestliner Norseman

Free Spirit 1996 HackerCraft Runabout DoubleFree Spirit 1996 HackerCraft Runabout Double

Love Me Timber 1958 Century CoronadoLove Me Timber 1958 Century Coronado

Lake Affect 1967 Owens ArubaLake Affect 1967 Owens Aruba

For The Good Times 1971 Chris Craft XK19For The Good Times 1971 Chris Craft XK19

M.-Thompson-Thompson“N”2 Deep -1958 Thompson Off-Shore

Wood Carver 1965 Carver CommanderWood Carver 1965 Carver Commander

1979 Caravelle1979 Caravelle


Lily Pad – 1984 Skiff Craft 24′ Hard Top

Ed Higgins in W.A.V.E.S. 1961 Higgins 18′ Mandalay

Oppenheimer in Andrew J
1948 Higgins 26′ Deluxe Sedan Cruiser

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