Put Put  

Driving on the backroads in 2005
In Paxico, Kansas, I finally arrived
Way out in the sticks, in a farmer’s field
Her bow was straight, and my eyes were peeled
A beauty she was, I couldn’t believe my luck
A ’56 Lone Star Admiral Deluxe
With a little trading and a little cash
I brought her home, to the rest of my stash
She sat in my yard, for a few more years
Until 2011, when she was resurrected from her peers
A new transom was built, and her steering was fixed
Minor engine work completed, emotions all mixed
A couple more years, ‘til I could add new seats
In 2013, she became the shining star of my fleet
Out on the waters of Pomona Lake
She cruises in style, through the waves that she makes
Her horn blows loud, greeting the passersby
My pride and joy, ‘Put Put’ puts a smile on this guy

written by Cristalle Romano for her husband Steve Romano

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