North Little Rock Vintage Boat Display

Recovery day for those who had been on the Arkansas River Cruise combined with a public display of vintage boats led to a colorful gathering of boats for the public to admire.  Nineteen vessels from eight states ranging from antique to contemporary made quite a show.

Boats in the water at the Inland Maritime Museum included a 1992 Century Arabian, 1966 Shell Lake Caravelle, 1960 Chris Craft Cavalier, 1961 Owens Sea Skiff, and a 1949 Chris Craft Sportsman

The boats on land gave spectators a chance to get up close and visit with the owners.  Some visitors even became new members of ACBS and Heartland Classics!

John and Marilyn Davenport coordinated the activities for this fun weekend.  Here are some more of the boats that attended:

1970 Lyman Offshore



1959 Cadillac Bermuda



1979 Caravelle




1955 Chris Craft Cavelier



1999 Saint
Picnic Launch



1965 Jones Hydroplane



1949 Chris Craft Sportsman



1947 Penn Yan canoe



1964  Shepherd Runabout



1961 Higgins Mandalay


1965 Carver Commander



And to round out the show were the featured boats at the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum – both Antiques and available for tours; WW II submarine USS Razorback and the United States Navy vessel Hoga, the last floating Navy vessel that was present at the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

photo by Jeremy Goldstein of WW II submarine USS Razorback

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