Arkansas River Cruise 2017

Heartland Classics Chapter Second Arkansas River Cruise

Trip Date:  Saturday September 30th thru Friday October 6th

This is your chance to take your classic boat on a river cruise along with other classic boaters, some of them experienced, others for the first time.  Meal stops, fuel stops, and nightly lodging will all be planned. A rest-over in the middle of the cruise at Little Rock, Arkansas will give the travelers a rest and the public more time to admire the boats.

Arkansas River map


  • Launch early Saturday September 30th at Three Forks Harbor, Muskogee, OK
  • Depart Sunday October 1st from Three Forks Harbor
  • Complete Trip  – 370 miles; 13 locks

Ride in your classic boat atop Rocky Mountain snow. Well okay, technically it will be melted snow.  The 1,469 mile long Arkansas River begins as snowmelt from the Mosquito and Sawatch mountain ranges in the Leadville, Colorado area of the Rockies.   It cuts its way through Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas before joining the Mississippi River near Napoleon, Arkansas.

This river cruise meanders through the verdant valley that is lined by hills and framed by the ancient Boston and Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas. Later it creates ample sand bars as it twists its way through agriculturally rich dirt of the Arkansas Delta.  The Arkansas River will once again be the venue for a Heartland Classics event September 30, 2017 through October 6, 2017.

As a participant on the 2nd Heartland Classics Arkansas River Odyssey–– which will include 5-days on the water, cover 370 miles and transit 13 locks— you will, in fact, be riding on melted Rocky Mountain snow.

This trip is being announced a year in advance of departure in order to allow everyone to plan and coordinate vacation days as needed.


Click here for Registration Form and deadline is July 28, 2017

Questions and inquiries please contact:

Mike Yancey via email at or
via text or phone at (918) 409-7801

Longest travel days about 4-1/4 hours cruising time plus lock time which varies
significantly with 3 locks (Wednesday) & 4 locks (Friday) being the maximum.

Daily Travel and Hotel Summary:

  • Sunday October 1: Depart Three Forks Harbor, Muskogee, OK
    Travel for the day: 91.8 miles; 3 locks;
    Fuel Stop at Applegate Cove Marina after 52.7 miles of travel
    40 miles further to the day’s destination in Ft Smith/Van Buren AR
  • Monday October 2nd: 92.3 miles; 2 locks; if needed, fuel stop at Spadra Marina
    after 70-miles of travel then
    5-miles further to the day’s destination in Russellville, AR.
    HOTEL: Days Inn, Russelleville, AR.
  • Tuesday October 3rd; 88.7 miles; 4 locks;
    First Fuel stop option, Charlies Hidden Harbor after 30 miles of travel
    7 miles further to the day’s destination in Little Rock, AR.
    Second Fuel stop option, Little Rock Yacht Club; 77-miles from morning departure or
    47-miles from first fuel stop and 12-miles from the day’s destination point in Little Rock, AR.

    Third Fuel stop option is Rockwater Marina; 87-miles from morning departure and 1-mile from our destination for the evening in Little Rock, AR.
    HOTEL: TBD or Individuals choice of hotel
  • Wednesday October 4th – Free day in Little Rock AR with opportunity for public to view the boats
  • Thursday October 5th; 48.5 miles; 2 locks;
    No known fuel stops as we travel today;
    HOTEL: Holiday Inn Express
  • Friday October 6th; 48 miles; 2 locks

END OF TRIP in Pendleton, AR, 22.7MM (River Mile Marker)


Departure Points:

1: Three Forks Harbor, Muskogee OK                    392.3MM (Mile Marker)
2: Van Buren AR                                                         300.5MM
3: Russelleville Marina, Russelleville, AR                208.2MM
4: Little Rock, AR                                                         119.0MM

Trip END Point Options:

A: Van Buren AR                                              300.5MM (Mile Marker)
B: Russelleville Marina, Russelleville, AR     208.2MM
C: Little Rock, AR                                             119.0MM
D: Island Harbor Marina, Pine Bluff, AR        71.0MM
E: Pendleton, AR                                               22.7MM

Distance and “on-water” travel days Summary:

1A = 91.8 miles            One Day Travel
1B = 184.1 miles          Two Days Travel
1C = 273.3 miles          Three Days Travel
1D = 321.3 miles          Four Days Travel plus one day in Little Rock
1E = 369.6 miles           Five Days Travel plus one day in Little Rock
2B = 92.3 miles             One Day Travel
2C = 181.5 miles           Two Days Travel
2D = 229.5 miles          Three Days Travel plus one day in Little Rock
2E = 277.8 miles           Four Days Travel plus one day in Little Rock
3C = 89.2 miles            One Day Travel
3D = 137.2 miles          Two Days Travel plus one day in Little Rock
3E = 185.5 miles           Three Days Travel plus one day in Little Rock
4D = 48.0 miles            One Day Travel
4E = 96.3 miles            Two Days Travel

Trip planning includes:

  • vehicles and trailers being moved from Muskogee OK to Little Rock AR with return trip by van to Muskogee on Saturday September 30th. Approximately 4 hour drive each way; 8 hour drive time total.
  • transportation from Pendleton AR (end of trip point) to Little Rock AR to retrieve vehicles and trailers to return to Pendleton AR and load boats. Approximately 1-1/4 hour drive each way; 2-1/2 hour drive time total.

NOTE:  choose to join the trip at a location other than Muskogee OK or to end the trip in a location other than Pendleton, AR will be responsible for managing their own logistics for moving their vehicle and trailer from their “departure point” to their “end of trip” point.

However, anyone joining the trip from a location other than Muskogee OK but planning to end the trip at Pendleton can move their vehicle and trailer to Little Rock AR and then the transportation to Little Rock from Pendleton, AR will be provided.

The First Heartland Classics Arkansas River Cruise at 2015 Arkansas River Odyssey