Lucky Debonair  was first delivered at Link’s Landing on The Lake of the Ozarks.  Link’s Landing was the largest Century dealer in the country.  The boat was obtained by the owner as a gift to his daughter.  The boat didn’t turn out to be what she had hoped, so my grandfather purchased the boat from the Landing later that year, and it has been in his and my possession ever since.

Lucky is made of African mahogany with a fiberglass cap and a gull wing top.  We used the boat for many years on local lakes and rivers until it was in disrepair beyond our means.  Lucky was stored in various barns, railway bays, and warehouses until 2010 when it made the voyage to Macatawa Bay Boat Works in Douglas, MI where it underwent a 3 year preservation process.

Originally the boat had a 352 Ford Interceptor, which unfortunately was in disrepair.  We made the painful decision to put modern power in the boat.  In its first summer we put 60 hours on the boat, so a cracked block was not an option.

We love to use this boat every chance we get.  Lucky Debonair was the thoroughbred that won the Kentucky Derby in 1965.  The Sabre was part of Century’s thoroughbred fleet.  This particular hull number was the first off the line for 1965, and this thoroughbred was the first to cross the finish line, so although it’s not a female name, we couldn’t resist.

Lucky spends his time running around on inland lakes, mostly in Missouri, Illinois and Michigan.  On a nice calm day, we even venture onto the “big Lake”.  Last October we enjoyed a long late weekend on this great host lake, Table Rock!  We have a 2 week trip to northern Michigan planned late this summer, with most weekends in between spent on Lake Springfield, IL.

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