Lake Lotawana Classic Boat Show 2018

Just imagine a couple of guys interested in classic boats living on a private lake who begin sharing that interest with others – and then look what happened.

The place is Lake Lotawana, actually a township surrounding a private lake southeast of Kansas City, Missouri.  A club was organized in 2016 with a few members. Now the Lake Lotawana Wooden and Classic Boat Club has over 30 memberships, all residents of Lake Lotawana, and most now have at least one classic vessel.

This 2018 show was the second annual show hosted by the club to benefit the town’s Parks & Rec Department.  They publicized, and the crowds came, and the community benefited! So many points of interest made this show like a three-ring circus.

Entry exhibits: 

A sky show: 

And splash-ins with the amphicars giving rides: 

The weekend schedule included parades around the shoreline of the lake which were led by David Wysong.

“Diamond Lil” 1930 Chris Craft 100 owned by event coordinator David Wysong

The Saturday afternoon parade past the lake’s Yacht Club was even a scheduled feature of a wedding celebration.

Heartland Classics Chapter members were invited to be guests at this show. Seven chapter members from other lakes took part with boats in the water.  These Heartland members were among the 18 Heartland Classics members who participated in the show.  (Yes – that means that a growing number of the Lake Lotawana Club members are also now ACBS members.)

These boats belonging to Heartland members were among the many classic boats displayed at the show:

Heartland members were always ready to answer questions about ACBS.

Watch for more great photos by Forrest in the next Mahogany & Chrome.

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