Caddell Lake Affect

Caddell Lake Affect

1967 Owens 42’ Aruba

Powered by (2) 327 Flagship      450 hp

Owned by Jerry and Becky Caddell of Shell Knob, MO

After looking for a wooden cruiser for 5 years, we found our boat on our hometown lake in Perry, Kansas at the marina where Jerry worked in high school!  We bought her in October of 2004.

The first thing we did was to strip the transom to change her name from “Final Answer” to Lake Affect.  When we received her documents we found out she was originally on Lake of the Ozarks named the “Starlight Lounge”.

The Lake Affect is a 42’, double planked mahogany hull, with twin 327 Chevy Flagship motors.  Jerry first repaired and replaced most of the wiring after a near fire.  He then pulled one of the transmissions to access and repair the damper plate.  He then refurbished the helm, the carburetors, the toilet pump, and then started replacing all the rotten wood.  This included replacing the front 3-4’ of the bow.

In the fall of 2010 she was pulled out of Table Rock Lake and Jerry repaired and repainted the bottom.  At that time he realized the back corner of the transom also needed to be replaced.  After that repair, he removed one side of the salon windows to replace the rotten wood below the windows.  Painting is a never ending, ongoing process!

A wooden boat is a labor of love, and we love cruising Table Rock Lake in her!

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