This is a 20′ triple cockpit that I have owned for over 15 years. It is re-powered with a small V-8 engine that pushes it along very nicely. It has cruised lakes and rivers in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida. This boat was named after an old soft drink that claimed to build up your strength and stamina. An old boxer might say of a young fighter “The kid has a lot of Moxie!”. With it’s powerful engine, the boat has a lot of “Moxie”.

I bought the boat in rough condition from a vintage car dealer in Oklahoma City. The day I went to pick it up was about two weeks after the Federal Building there was bombed. The force of the explosion had blown out the windows of the dealership and damaged a few cars. My boat, which was stored in a back garage, was not damaged but it really would not have mattered as it needed a total restoration.