From the Helm November 2017

Depending on how far north or south you live, for many you have probably already winterized, while those living in the more southerly areas, have a few more weekends to get out and do some more cruising.
For me locally, after the middle of September, the lake is not very busy, and often the water is smooth as glass making for some great cruises. However, as you can see from all the events we had, outlined below, there was not a lot of time to cruise locally, but the 370 mile trip down the Arkansas River provided lots of scenery as well as opportunity to enjoy being on the water was a very acceptable option.
Final 2017 Events
Heartland Classics were involved in three events the last weekend of September and the first week of October, that I referenced in my last communication on October 1.
Lake Lotawana near Kansas City MO hosted a local boat show with an invitation to Heartland Classics to participate. Our members were hosted in the lake homes of the local residents and the overall organization, including boat launch and retrieval, was so well coordinated that it should be the example and objective for us to target for our own coordination at our own events.
The Arkansas River trip departed on October 1 with 12 boats and 26 people. One cruiser, began having engine issues shortly after our departure and turned back to home port. After doing some troubleshooting, they found that they could run reliably, but at a reduced RPM and speed. So they departed once again, but due to their speed, were not able to catch up with the group, but we did remain in communication each day. On Monday and Tuesday we had one boat each day have mechanical issues, so they were towed to a nearby marina and the passengers all boarded with John Davenport on Pu-Haps for the journey to Little Rock AR. The remaining 9 boats arrived in Little Rock which was the end of the trip for most, but 4 boats did continue to Pendleton AR finishing the trip on Friday, October 6th. Many new friendships were established on this trip and the common interest is classic boating.
The North Little Rock Boat Display took place on Saturday, October 7th. We had 18 boats displayed at the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum in North Little Rock, AR. The 18 boats included several boats from distant states that had participated in the Arkansas River trip. It was a beautiful day, and a lot of activity along the river providing the opportunity for members to talk with the public about the individual boats as well as about ACBS and the Heartland Classics Chapter.
All 3 of these events resulted in new memberships with Heartland Classics, as well as new friends that we need to get to know better.
More information on these events can be found here on the website, as well as the latest issue of Mahogany and Chrome.
As our chapter continues to grow, the manpower needs to plan, coordinate, and host events also grows. The “behind the scenes” work effort is often invisible as members attend and enjoy events. So I want to encourage anyone desiring to:

  • a) be more involved, and
  • b) get to know other members better and put faces with names, then
  • c) then send me an email ( and ask “What can I do?”

I will welcome your willingness, and provide a list of options and depending on the action, a list of other members with which to coordinate.
Mahogany and Chrome Boat Show, Grand Lake Oklahoma
Since I mention opportunities to serve the chapter and our members, we have an urgent need for someone to volunteer to be Chairman of the Mahogany and Chrome Boat Show. September may seem like a long way off, but by beginning the planning now, a team can be established to address each of the items that need to be addressed and begin brainstorming on new elements that can make this year’s show unique. The dates for this year’s show is September 6th (Thursday) through the 9th (Sunday morning).
I think this event has developed a perspective that it is a challenge to plan and implement. In reality, it is not, and by beginning early and developing a good team, it is no more difficult than planning many of the other events we host. There are several lists of planning items to address and consider that can be made available to help in beginning the planning process.
So, looking for this year’s Chairman!
Hope to see ya’ soon!
Mike Yancey

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