From the Helm February 2018

Technology has enabled many new ways to accomplish “things”. One of these “things” to which I refer is communications. For most of us, a form of communications that has been around for a long time is the written letter which is placed in an envelope, a stamp affixed, and then handed to the U.S. Postal Service. At a minimum, it takes several days from initiation to delivery.

Another form of communication, that at one time was an expensive form of communication if it involved interaction between two parties which were geographically dispersed (i.e. long distance), but allows for instant two way communication, is the telephone. Telephone communication today is very inexpensive but can also be an interruption.

Email, much like a letter, is received and then can be read at a time that is convenient for the receiver. However, email, unlike a letter, is delivered in seconds and it is possible for an almost instant response.

Most, but I recognize not everyone, now uses email. Therefore, in order to better manage our costs, we will be using your email address for communications most of the time including sending out event notices with registration forms. The email address that will be used is the one associated with your membership in the ACBS database (and in the ACBS directory).

If the use of email will not work for you, please call (918-409-7801), text (918-409-7801), or email me (  ) and we will make proper note of that for future, planned written communication.

For anyone who does not have an email address associated with their membership at ACBS, we will automatically continue to use mail via the U.S. Postal Service to your listed address for communications.

With that announcement, what else is going on during this time we refer to as winter? Lots!

The next few months is the season for many boat and recreational dealers to host shows and introduce their new products and models. Heartland Classics also participates in some of these shows, displaying some of the boats of yesteryear. We always have a steady stream of people admiring these classic boats as they reminisce about days gone by.

  • Heartland Classics intended to be present at The Kansas City boat show, but unfortunately winter weather prevented this from occurring this year.
  • The Oklahoma City boat show was a success, though we had the opportunity to display many more boats. Buddy Butler was chairman of the show (thanks Buddy) and brought his boat, Woodwind, also in attendance with their boat was John and Glenna Ganster with Shep 64, Clay and Patty Thompson displayed Geronimo, Stephen Dagg arrived with Carter Rae, and Mike Yancey was the fiberglass display with the blue Caravelle. Scott and Linda Hendren were also in attendance and helped to staff the display. So, members in the Oklahoma area, begin making plans to be involved next year, as I am sure we will be welcomed once again.
  • Of course, the annual Heartland Classics Workshop is planned for Saturday, February 10th. The planned agenda is outlined below, but you if you are unable to attend, there will be reports in Issue 1 of Mahogany and Chrome as well as an event report here on the website.
    • Propeller Design and Selection  –   Gary O’Bannon from Performance Propeller
    • Boat Covers-The Right Cover For Your Boat  –  Moss Seat Covers
    • Water Pumps-Troubleshooting   –  Brad Anderson
    • Control Cable Maintenance  –  Dick Moist
    • Copper Rivets on Lapstrake Boats  –  Steve Howard
    • Aristocraft -History and Construction  –  Tony Fure
    • Cruiser Restoration  –  Phil Hennage
    • “Class of ‘42” Progress  –  Brent Howard

I encourage everyone to come and be involved in one or more of the events planned for this year even if you do not bring a boat. Following the Workshop, we will once again host the Hot Springs Classic in April, followed by Table Rock Cruisin’ in June, and then the Mahogany and Chrome Boat Show at Grand Lake in Oklahoma in September.

In the meantime, stay warm, get all of your maintenance items completed, and let’s get together.

Hope to see ya’ soon!
Mike Yancey