From the Helm December 2017

From the Helm December 2017
by Mike Yancey

Heartland Classics Chapter of ACBS continued to grow in the number of members throughout the year!

We now have 160 members plus associated co-members across our 5 state area of Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas plus a large number of members in 11 states outside of this geography.

With growth, which is a good thing, we also need the involvement of more members to help us accomplish the work that needs to occur and achieve the educational and “exchange of knowledge” type objectives that allow our chapter to exist as a non-profit organization. So some of the ways we fulfill these objectives are through:

  • workshops,
  • articles in the ACBS publication “The Rudder” as well as our chapter publication “Mahogany and Chrome”,
  • boat shows including judged and non-judged in which the public has an opportunity to attend, view, ask questions, and learn,
  • sponsoring youth activities that help to educate the next generation, and then
  • events where we use our boats such as Table Rock Cruisin as well as when we have cruising as part of a boat show.

Growth also means we must constantly be evaluating how we plan and manage while keeping these reasons for why we exist in focus.

So, that uncomfortable word of “CHANGE” emerges.

At the ACBS annual meeting and international boat show, the topic of change was often part of the discussion. In fact, ACBS has been experimenting with meetings via teleconference, much like Heartland Classics has been doing the last few years due to distances between Board members. The management viewed the in-person meetings was limiting the talent that was willing to be involved due to travel time and distance, expense, or both. Also, several years ago ACBS officially embraced non-wood boats which was a huge migration for a club that was formed and had been functioning with a focus on wood boats solely for many decades.

One of the things I plan to do this year is evaluate the various functions of the Executive Committee, Board, and Chairs of various functions such as Mahogany and Chrome and Membership to see what we need to implement to make sure all functions continue without interruption and at the same level of quality should the people in the various positions suddenly be unable to continue.

Additionally, for improved planning with the input of our Board of Directors, we will be establishing objectives for each of the three committees that are populated by members of the Board to help in setting objectives and working to achieve them.

Lastly, since our chapter is so large, and no one can know everyone else, in order to improve and increase the slate of potential nominees for the Board of Directors, we will be establishing a Nominating Committee chaired by the 2nd VP as well as provide a list of qualifications for the committee to consider in evaluating candidates. I also hope that this will make sure our membership across our primary 5 state region (as well as address those of our large membership outside of this area) is adequately represented both on the Board as well as the officers of the Executive Committee.

There are a lot of other types of change that we might need to consider in order to share our hobby and knowledge to more of the public such as having workshops and events in different locations, or having events move between multiple locations each year. And we actually had many events in 2017 that were something we had not done before, and were in locations where we had not sponsored anything before. An example is the North Little Rock Boat Display in North Little Rock AR and the new boat shows we attended and displayed a few of our classics in Oklahoma City and Kansas City.

So, if you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know. I can always be reached by email ( or by text or phone at 918-409-7801.

Hope to see ya’ soon!

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