From the Helm April 2018

With some warm weather, I have been able to get out on the water and do some boating (hope you have too) and plan to do much more.

Boat show season has begun. Even though there have been indoor shows, usually in conjunction with “new” boat shows during the winter months, the outdoor shows with opportunities for lots of cruising have begun. The Sunnyland chapter held their Antique Boat Festival at Lake Dora in Tavares, Florida this past weekend.

Taking a look at the ACBS website calendar of events, there are several other chapters having events this month. This includes Heartland Classics.

Hot Springs Classic

As I write this, Heartland Classics will begin this year’s season of using our boats with the Hot Springs Classic in less than 3 weeks, beginning Friday evening April 20th through the morning of Sunday the 21st. You can find information about the event as well as a copy of the registration form that can be printed here on the website. Just click on EVENTS in the menu of the Heartland Classics website or on the home page above the picture of the recent workshop event where it says “Click here for Calendar of Upcoming Events”. Hope to see you there!

Restoration Articles

One of the things everyone enjoys are articles about restoration projects. So I want to encourage everyone to take a few pictures of your project and write up an article as to what you are doing, challenges you have encountered as well as successes and send to Forrest Bryant. It does not have to be a major project effort.

Webmaster Needed

Speaking of our website, the chapter is seeking someone to manage the Heartland Classics website. You do not have to have experience, just a willingness to serve. Willingness is the largest part of the job, and the technical skills can be gained over time. So, please call or email me and let me know you are willing to help.

Make your Own Event

Again, I want to encourage anyone to plan a cruise. If you need assistance in contacting other members, let me know. You can plan an event focusing on members near the event site, or expand your invitation to members in a larger geographic area or the entire membership. Planning can be simple with an outline of where to launch, whether any needed meals will occur at a restaurant or everyone will need to be a “bring your own” sack lunch, and an idea of where the cruise will travel on the lake and return.

Hope to see ya’ soon!
Mike Yancey