From the Helm September 2018

 by Mike Yancey

Mahogany & Chrome Classic Boat Show

 Our annual “judged” boat show, Mahogany & Chrome is almost here.  This will be our 25th year for the show which begins on the morning of Thursday September 6th with an early bird event cruise, continuing with various activities through Sunday morning September 9th. I hope you plan to attend and bring your boat whether you plan to have it judged or not. The public that will be in attendance will enjoy seeing your boat even if you choose not to have it judged for award consideration.

This year’s event chairs are Kathleen Barret and Chuck Gibbs. Along with along with other members volunteering have been hard at work making sure that all of the logistics are in place and we have an enjoyable and fun event. When you see them, thank them for their efforts, and while you are at it, ask if there is an area in which some additional assistance would be of benefit.

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 As always, come hungry because we will be having a continual feast throughout the weekend beginning with the pre-event cruise on Thursday with lunch at Chick and Karon Wheat’s house and culminating with Sunday morning breakfast at Brent Howard’s shop, and several other food stops in between.

Club Management

Later this month, you should be receiving a list of nominees for the Executive Committee and for the class of 2021 Board of Directors.

Boat Shows and a Fall Heartland Classics Sponsored Workshop

We have two events taking place in Missouri during September and October that I want to make everyone aware of so you can begin planning to attend.

September 28 thru 30, 2018

2nd Lake Lotawana Rendezvous Wood and Classic Boat Show

Lake Lotawana Wood and Classic Boat Rendezvous, hosted by the Lake Lotawana Wooden and Classic Boat Club, at Lake Lotawana, Missouri (outside of Kansas City, MO). This event is limited to wood boats only under 30’ in length, and there are limits as to how many boats may be included and at this time I believe all boat slots are filled. However, you can still attend without a boat and enjoy the weekend and visit and see another beautiful lake. If you are interested contact Forrest Bryant at 816-896-1818. There are registration fees for attendance.

October 20, 2018, 9 AM to Noon

Boat Enthusiasts Discussion Group

hosted by Heartland Classics Chapter at Y-Road Marina,683 Crystal Springs Road, Linn Creek, Missouri. This event will have a $5 at-the-door charge. Space is limited so contact John Mason and let him know you are planning to attend by calling 515-202-1708 or via email at Coffee and pastries will be available. This workshop will address wood boat restoration with a 1959 Cadillac boat which will physically be present as one of the restoration efforts under discussion.

Boat the Blue – 2018 International Boat Show

Following the Mahogany & Chrome Classic Boat Show, I will be headed to the annual ACBS meeting and boat show “Boat the Blue” in Port Huron Michigan. I will have the opportunity to attend the annual meeting and gain more insight into the operations and future planning for ACBS. I have attended the past two years and have always found it to be valuable.

Be sure to visit our website at for upcoming events, posts, newsletters, member boats, and so much more!

Please contact me if you want to provide comments and/or suggestions via email, phone or mail.


(918) 409-7801

P.O. Box 269, Ketchum, OK  74349


Hope to see ya’ soon!


Mike Yancey, President


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