From the Helm October 2018

by Mike Yancey

September was a busy month for the Heartland Classics Chapter with the 25th year of the Mahogany & Chrome Boat Show and the Boat the Blue- ACBS International Show and Meeting. Next, we have one more sponsored event
Let’s Talk Classic Boats
held at Lake of the Ozarks,  and will close out the 2018 year.

Year 2019

Event Committees and Event Chairman’s

Almost all event chairs and committees are set for the 2019-year annual events.
Mahogany & Chrome Classic Boat Show needs committed event chairs and committee members. Planning is already in motion and we want to keep the momentum going, since the success of this years event.


URGENT!   I am putting out a request to ALL Heartland Classics members that we are in need for someone to volunteer to be the Chairman for next year’s 2019 Mahogany & Chrome Classic Boat Show. You do not need to live at Grand Lake or even live in Oklahoma for that matter, but be willing to develop and work with a committee to plan the various activities and coordinate with suppliers. There are a few folks that have already volunteered to assist, but we still need a Chairman. Much work has already been started and is currently set in motion for next year’s annual September event and all information will be communicated from this past year’s event chairs. Don’t assume that someone else will be coming forward. It is very possible that being , chair or co-chair is a position just waiting for you! Your willingness to get involved, volunteer, and make 2019 another memorable show is very much needed and will be much appreciated. Please contact me and let me know that you are coming forward and I will assist in making sure information and volunteers are made available.

Annual Boat Show at Grand Lake, Oklahoma

This was our 25th year of the Mahogany & Chrome Classic Boat Show, and though the forecast was one with rain and showers the day of the show, for the most part the weather was perfect. We had a bit of light mist the morning of the show, but that ended by noon and we were blessed with very comfortable temperatures in the 70’s; making it very comfortable to sit out on the docks and talk with people that came out to see our classics.
Kathleen Barrett and Chuck Gibbs, along with their committee members did a great job of planning and implementing this year’s show (and they did this with their day jobs as well as with their active placement on the Executive Committee of the Heartland Classics Chapter).

Check out the latest 2018 Grand Lake, OK event report of the 4-day weekend, view photos and look for an article in the next newsletter issue of the Mahogany & Chrome publication.

 Boat the Blue

I recently returned from the ACBS International Show and Meeting in Port Huron, Michigan, where I ran into old friends that joined us on the 2017 Arkansas River Cruise, as well as other boating friends I have met over the years. Heartland Classics was well represented with 13 members and we won 2nd place of all the chapters for our website.

The ACBS annual meeting was informative as ACBS continues to evaluate how the participants in classic boating are changing and how ACBS can change to better support and grow “the boating lifestyle.”

This year’s International Show broke records in the number of boats that were present.
There were 193 boats along a ½ mile stretch of the river where the show was held.

I talked at length with an exhibitor that displayed a 1968 23’ Chris Craft Lancer. This boat was beautiful and well done and reminds me that there is still a chance that the 1971 model Lancer that I am working on might one day be finished and hopefully get close to looking as good as this one. I found that there were significant differences that Chris Craft made to this model between 1968 and 1971.

Next year’s event will be just outside of ACBS headquarters in Clayton, NY on the Thousand Islands; if at all possible, I encourage everyone to consider trying to make this event.

Fall Heartland Classics Sponsored Workshop

October 20, 2018, 9AM to Noon, Let’s Talk Classic Boats,  a workshop hosted by the Heartland Classics Chapter at Y-Road, Marina, 683 Crystal Springs Road, Linn Creek, Missouri. This event will have a $5 at-the-door charge. All are welcome. Space is limited, so please contact John Mason and let him know that you are planning to attend by phoning (515) 202-1708 or via e-mail at Coffee and pastries will be served. This workshop will address wood boat restoration with a 1959 Cadillac boat which will physically be present as one of the topics in the boat enthusiast’s discussion group.


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