From the Helm November 2018

by Mike Yancey  

Committee Volunteers Needed for the Grand Lake Boat Show
I want to put out a request to ALL Heartland Classics members that we need someone to volunteer to be the Chairman for next year’s 2019 Mahogany and Chrome boat show. You do not need to live at Grand Lake or even live in Oklahoma for that matter but be willing to develop and work with a committee to plan the various activities and coordinate with suppliers. There are a few folks that have already volunteered to assist…Event Chairs are needed and a Committee is still being organized needed.

It is very possible that being Chairman is a position just waiting for your willingness to get involved, volunteer, and make 2019 a memorable show. Just let me know that you are coming forward and I will assist in making sure information and volunteers are made available. Chairman and committees already exist for the other currently planned events for 2019 but this event needs to begin planning now.

Lake of the Ozarks Workshop and Discussion

One of our members, John Mason, took the initiative and planned a workshop and general classic boating discussion in the Lake of the Ozarks area on October 20. This was the first time for a Heartland Classics event in the area and it was well attended by myself and a mix of over 15 Heartland Classics members and potential members, with several folks who trailered their boats to the event for viewing in the ample parking lot. We thank Y-Road Marina in Linn Creek, MO who made their facilities available to host the event. There are a number of boat enthusiasts in this area of central Missouri, so hopefully this initial effort will grow and result in additional events, providing opportunities with shorter travel distances for our many members in the area.

Heartland Classics Chapter Website

At the ACBS International Show in Port Huron Michigan, Heartland Classics won second place across all the chapters for our website. This tool requires a lot of time and effort of a technical nature, but also creativity in layout and keeping the site current and ever changing. Kathleen Barrett, Kathy Parker, and Ken Everett volunteer to continue to help with content and layout while George Reaves manages the technical capabilities which include adding capabilities such as PayPal and Credit Card payment support as well as making progress towards implementing true online registration for events. Hopefully soon we will also have a “Members Only” section where we can keep documents such as our Constitution, By-Laws, and other documents important to the membership such as our focus on continuity. So stay tuned, and check out the website regularly at

We need volunteers to contribute to the ongoing tasks to keep the website up and running.

Best Laid Plans

In the prior issue of Mahogany and Chrome, I had shared about turning the lower hull upside down on my 1971 Chris Craft Lancer project boat. I had hoped to have completed all fiberglass and fairing work and have it primed and painted by now, so it could be returned to the upright position prior to winter. Things are moving much more slowly than anticipated. So, it may be early next year before achieving this objective. We will see.

Time to prepare for winter!

It is also time to begin considering making sure everything is winterized.  I hope your plans and actions are in place, so nothing gets damaged. I am so thankful our season is several weeks longer than folks in the farther northern regions of the United States.

So, time for me to get busy with my winter list of “to do” items in preparation for the first launch of 2019. So, looking forward to our next year’s Workshop in Langley, Oklahoma on February 9, 2019 (weather date 2/23/2019 and then our first cruising event for the 2019 year in Hot Springs, Arkansas (April 3, 2019). Schedule these events on your calendars and come join me and many others.

Winter Restoration Workshop (Grand Lake)

February 9, 2019 (Saturday)

Langley, Oklahoma

Event Chair:  Dan Diehl


Hot Springs Classics (Arkansas)

April 3, 2019 (Thur – Sun)

Event Chairs: Patty & Clay Thompson, Marilyn & John Davenport and Mike Langhourne

Classic Cruisin’ Table Rock Lake (Missouri)
June 6 – 9, 2019 (Thurs – Sun)

Event Chairs:  Kathy & Don Parker


Mahogany & Chrome Classic Boat Show (Grand Lake, OK)

September 5 – 8, 2019 (Wed – Sun)

Event Chairs:  TBD

Please contact me if you want to provide comments and/or suggestions via email, phone or mail.


(918) 409-7801

P.O. Box 269, Ketchum, OK  74349

 Hope to see ya’ soon!

Mike Yancey

Heartland Classics Chapter of the ACBS, Inc.