From the Helm May 2018

Heartland Classics Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society (ACBS) is a member operated organization. As a member operated organization, we have many opportunities for service in addition to our governmental organization which is the Board of Directors and Executive Committee. So, I want to once again outline some specific areas in which we urgently need members to assist, use their creativity and ideas, and help the chapter maintain, improve, and grow.

  • Heartland Classics website – George Reaves will continue as technical webmaster. Kathleen Barrett will be assuming the role of content manager for our website. She will need you to supply information and articles to post to the website, current event information and registration forms. With your input, she will keep the website current. Please submit pictures and articles. Watch for modifications and improvements to the website.
  • We need multiple people that would be willing to regularly write articles on topics of interest to our membership. This could be articles under an ongoing subject header such as “Restorations”, “History”, “Safety”, or any subject matter that might interest you. These articles could be published in Mahogany & Chrome as well as on our website. Since Mahogany & Chrome is published 4 times per year, a minimum of four annual articles would be needed but more could be published using our website.

This is not a complete list, as we always need members that can assist event chairpersons in publicizing and marketing our hobby as well as our events, reaching non-members that have or might have an interest in antique and classic boating. Also, there are always opportunities for planning and implementing new events at new locations. This can be educational events such as workshops or events in which we use our boats in exploring new waters. There are resources and members available that can assist in planning and communicating to the chapter. Events can be simple or complex, depending on what you envision.

Lastly, I am interested in hearing from ALL members on the following areas associated with our club in an effort to get input for evaluation and future planning.

  • What is the value of ACBS and Heartland Classics Chapter to you?
  • If the value is not meeting your expectations, where are we falling short? What or where do we need to focus on improvement?

A slightly different question, but one that I am interested in the perspectives from our membership, is:

As a member of Heartland Classics, which of the two following aspects of antique and classic boating interests you the most, “a” or “b”?

a) Restoration knowledge and education, or
b) Events in which we are using our boats (cruising and group “on-water” events)

This question is not implying that the area of most interest to you excludes the other. It is just intended to gain insight as to preferences.

Please send an email to me at or call/text me at 918-409-7801.  If your preference is to send a letter I can be reached at P.O. Box 269, Ketchum, OK  74349.

Hope to see ya’ soon!
Mike Yancey