From the Helm June 2018

From the Helm – June 2018
By Mike Yancey

As I write this commentary, I am also in the process of getting everything ready to go to Classics Cruisin’ at Rock Lane Resort on Table Rock Lake in Branson, MO. In addition to options for some long-distance cruising, this event will include a boat show on Saturday as well as opportunities for kids to use their creativity in the “Paint Your Own Boat” venue and with all our events; lots of opportunity for food and socializing.

Since the Hot Springs Classic in April it has been a busy two months of traveling, boating, and continuing to make slow but steady progress on my “project” boat. Though I was not able to attend, several of our Heartland Classics members attended Keels and Wheels in Texas. You can read more about this show, members attendance, and the awards that were given in the 2nd Issue of Mahogany & Chrome which should be in the mail or already arrived in your mailbox or here on our website found within the Newsletter page of this website.

I have received a few comments from our members (and hope to receive more via email) addressing the question of whether our member’s priorities are geared towards boat restoration or boating events. Though the responses were not large enough to be considered a valid statistical sample I found from the responses received that “events” are considered a very important aspect of our organization. Over the last several years we have concentrated on four primary events, three of which are “on the water” with a few others interspersed each year. So, for some members perhaps it is time to shake things up and try some new lakes and rivers. If you have some suggestions, please let me know.

Let me close by encouraging everyone to start planning now and consider attending the Annual ACBS Meeting and the 2018 International Boat ShowBoat the Blue this year in September. The past two years, Heartland Classics has had a sizeable group attend and we welcome as many others that can attend. This year’s event will be held at Port Huron, Michigan, September 12th – 15th. Pre-event boating activities begin September 9th and the annual meeting is held on Thursday; September 13th. The boat show is held on both Friday and Saturday; September 14th and 15th. As part of the meeting dates, there will be tours of the Historic Algonac area to see, “Where It All Began,” the home of Christopher Smith and Gar Wood, Algonac Cast Products, the original Chris Craft boat facility, and more!

Please contact me if you want to provide comments and/or suggestions via email or phone.

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  • Phone/Text:  (918) 409-7801

If your preference is to send a letter, I can be reached at:   P.O. Box 269, Ketchum, OK  74349.

Hope to see ya’ soon!

Mike Yancey