1962 Century 18’ Sabre Powered by Gray Marine Buick    280 hp

Owned by Chick and Karon Wheat, Jay, OK

Wheaties  (the Sabre) was found advertised in the Kansas City newspaper about 1986 – 87.  Some guy’s wife was trying to sell it for her husband’s bail money.  The boat was originally sold in 1962 by Link’s Landing (one of the largest Century dealers in the country at that time) located on Lake of the Ozarks.  It had sat in a pole barn where the horses could get in and crib on the gunnels.

Usually one of the last pieces of wood to rot in a wood boat are the engine stringers; however I had to replace the port side and the back half of the starboard side.  The original Gray Marine engine was an American Motors 327 (238 H.P.) and a good engine.  Working under the idea that bigger is always better, I found a Gray Marine Buick (280 H.P.) and squeezed it in.

Not much passenger room, but fast and fun. The name Wheaties suits it well.  Our granddaughter was the first to ski behind her.  The boat was finished for the 2007 Grand Lake Boat Show and has been a great little boat for us.

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