CinCity 1

1946 Chris Craft 25′ Sportsman

Many years ago my wife, Cindy, and I saw one of this model at a show somewhere and we both fell in love with the size and comfort level of this boat. We finally made the decision to find one and I located this boat in Michigan. The wood looked rough but all the hardware was included. With the help of a friend,I drove up to get it with an empty trailer and loaded it up. We had to stop after a few hours of driving because what hardware that was on the boat was starting to come loose from the dry wood and rough road. We pulled everything off and continued home.

The boat received a new bottom, sides and deck. There was no engine included with the boat as the original was a Scripps 208 and it had been removed years before to power someone else’s classic but I found a used Crusader 454 at the local marina at that became the new power. It has been a smooth, reliable powerhouse that can push the boat over 40 MPH even with several passengers.

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