Blue Moon II

1942 Chris-Craft Deluxe Utility “Blue Moon II”
This is an 18′ model that I found in Massachusetts and shipped to Austin to restore. I have owned it about 4 years. The unique feature of this model is the ventilating windshield. Most boats have solid windshields to keep you out of the wind but in Texas heat, it is nice to have a breeze. The front windows push open as much or as little as desired. I also added a bimini top to add shade or keep you dry in a sudden rainfall.

I previously owned an identical model of this boat but I found that the front seat did not have as much room as I wanted so I sold it. It was named “Blue Moon” because of the rarity of the model. After I sold it, I was relating the story to one of our club members and he asked why I didn’t just move the seat back. I set out on a search for another boat and during restoration, I moved the seat back several inches. Now I have “Blue Moon II”.

This boat is powered by the original “K” engine (95 HP).

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