2018 Lake of the Ozarks

Event Report by Kathy Parker
Photos taken by Forrest Bryant

2018 Lake of the Ozarks Event Report

In Water Vintage Boat Show

Sponsored by Outlaw Power Boats / Hosted by Nauti Cantina at Mermaid Cove

The Lake of the Ozarks is an area full of tradition, including classic boats.  It is a large reservoir lake located in central Missouri, half-way between St. Louis and Kansas City and since 1933 has been a favorite resort area of the Midwest.

This summer, an invitation went out from the Nauti Cantina at Mermaid Cove to gather vintage boats for a show on Saturday, August 18th.  Several Heartland Classics members participated in the event.



Randy Bordner’s newly restored 1959 Cadillac boat greeted those who came by land.



Forrest and Kally Bryant’sFree Spirit” was there, too.


John Mason was there to meet others from the area who are interested in classic boats. 

 He reported, “The Nauti Cantina event, in my opinion, was a tremendous avenue to get the word out about Heartland Classics. You would not believe the people who have old boats in garages/shops. We have recruited a few new members. It is a start for a group here at Lake of the Ozarks.”

 All were invited that he met to participate in the upcoming Boat Enthusiasts Discussion Group.

 If you would like to participate, CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

Lake of the Ozarks Area  – 
Hosted by Y-Road Marine
October 20th | 9 am – 12 noon
683 Crystal Springs Road
Linn Creek, MO 65052

Kevin Hogan shared his 1958 Century Coronado “Love Me Timber”.

Forrest Bryant says, “It was fun. Think we might have found a couple new members …  plus, Nauti Cantina plans to make it bigger and better next year.”


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