2018 M&C Classic Boat Show

25th Annual Mahogany & Chrome Classic Boat Show

Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees , Oklahoma  – September 6 – 9, 2018

The Heartland Classics Chapter celebrated their 25th Year of the Mahogany & Chrome Classic Boat Show on Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees. This year’s in water display and judged  boat show landed on Saturday, September 8th, which brought many spectators to the loyal homeport of Arrowhead Yacht Club & Marina. The show gave many admirers, up close views to 37 boats; some of the finest vintage beauties from the five-state area. The Grand event began on Thursday, Sept. 6th and went thru Sunday, September 9th with many activities planned and the turn-out was excellent with all celebrating the groups 25th year in classic boating.

Blue skies washed over the caravan of classic boats as they cruised approximately 45-minutes to lunch. Thursday’s early bird rumble cruise began the four-day event.

Sunshine beamed allowing for fine details of sparkling chrome, glistening wood, and dancing reflections, as these vintage beauties glided across the waters of Grand Lake for the events opening activity near Grove, OK.

Chick and Karon Wheat graciously opened their home to members for a warm welcome lunch. Expectations were exceeded with the homemade goodness of main dishes, assortment of salads and Karon’s delicious homemade desserts.

Thank You Chick and Karon Wheat for opening your home and for all of those that contributed in making this year’s Event Welcome, Grand!

Later that evening, early birds met up for dinner at VIP Pizza for dinner and to collect registration packets, welcome gifts, and special edition collector event t-shirts. The day’s activities ended with eating, meeting new members & guests and building friendships and making long lasting memories.

VIP Pizza @ Hammerhead Marina - Photo by Ken Everett
Friday evening dinner @ VIP Pizza - Photo by Ken Everett

A big welcome to the Southwest Chapter! We were lucky to have a fantastic turnout from Texas. All were delighted to have everyone join us; bringing positive energy, much enthusiasm for classic boating, and sharing much knowledge and stories of wooden boats. Fast friends and memories were made, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Eighteen boats cruised to Shangri-La Resort for lunch at Doc’s Bar & Grill. Plenty of weather captains were on the watch. After a consensus was made all decided to shove off to make the short cruise to lunch at Shangri-La before rain fell. Just minutes from the dock’s; clouds met us with open arms. Shuttle service was available for transport to the main entrance of Shangri-La and members were welcomed with a delightful surprise.

Onward through the lobby members made their way to Doc’s Restaurant for a wonderful lunch experience.Exceptional service was provided with a view of the lake for all to enjoy more opportunities to build new friendships with new attendees to the Grand Lake event and nurture old friendships. After lunch, many visited waiting for clouds to pass with coffee while others took another gander at “Restofus”,  and others boated back to homeport for more adventures on the water or prepare for the next day’s boat show and for the evening Shrimp Boil at Harbors View Marina.

Ken Everett said with enthusiasm, ‘ “ To our amazement on permanent display in the lobby was “Restofus,” a 17’ 1961 Century Resorter previously owned by John F. Kennedy!”’
Ken Everett

Friday Night Shrimp and Crawfish Boil
Harbors View Marina in Duck Creek has been one of the groups favorite activity spots. Members enjoyed the peeking sunset and the opportunity to relax in the warm community atmosphere of Harbors View Marina.


The free-to-the-public judged boat show brought many to the docks at Arrowhead Marina. The early morning mists did not keep people from coming on out to see these old beauties. Participants prepped their boats, keeping them dry and soon the clouds were clear without any delays from attendees from showing and spectators were ready to see classic boats. Spectators were awing, boat owners were storytelling, videos were being created, pictures being taken, shoppers were getting event t-shirts in the Ship Store, and families were painting tiny wooden boats underneath the Paint-A-Boat canopy. A collection of areas, all participating and enjoying the Saturday show.

 Ken Everett reported, ‘ “One girl was seen pretending to back her boat down the ramp to the water, so she could launch her vessel. Yes, her parents were with her and yes, she had a life vest.” ‘

Special thanks to the Grand River Damn Authority (GRDA) for participating and providing boat safety literature, area maps, and trinkets for our kids.

People’s Choice Award

Thunderball, owned by Clay and Patty Thompson, won this year’s People’s Choice Award. This classic beauty brings much excitement for viewers and is not only exciting to see but even more so, when hearing the sounds of the rumbling engines being started.

Thunderball always wins the hearts of all who come to see her.

25th Celebration and Awards Banquet

The 25th Annual Awards Banquet was held Saturday evening at the Cherokee Yacht Club where everyone celebrated the Chapters history and participants received awards for their boat achieving recognition for meeting or exceeding judged requirements.

The original organizers of the club, Jan and Larry Hinton, were special guests and spoke of their experience of wanting to grow the club to form a chapter and influence the younger generations to keep classic boating alive. 

Cheers to all the years!

A silent auction was held to benefit the ACBS Scholarship Endowment Fund, to support the education in preserving the heritage and culture of classic boating. Chapter President, Mike Yancey was able to deliver the donation to ACBS, Inc. during the International Show & Meeting. Thank you all who participated.

A BIG THANKS to Chapter Member, Joe Harwood with Arrowhead Yacht Club & Cherokee Yacht Club for his loyal friendship to the Heartland Classics Chapter.


We greatly appreciate all that you do!

We are proud to report, Jan and Larry Hinton have rejoined the Heartland Classics Chapter, since the 25th celebration. We all look forward to seeing more of the Hintons at upcoming classic boating.

2018 Judges Results and Awards

Read more about these boats visit the Member Boats gallery

Chris Craft Award
Richard Moist – Chickadee – 1954 – Chris Craft (Utility, wood 15′)

Best of Show Award
Dan and Alicia Diehl – Bella Vita – 1959 – Riva (Ariston, wood 22′)

Best Century Award
Jim Wolfe – Selah – 1959 – Century (Coronado, wood 21′)

Corinthian Award
Bob Kanak – High Expectations – 1937 – Chris Craft (Custom, wood 19′)


2018 Best of Show
Dan & Alisha Diehl
Bella Vita

Platinum Awards
Michael Beachner – Liberty Bella – 1964 – Chris Craft (SuperSport, wood 20′)
Dan Diehl – Checkmate – 1966 – Chris Craft (Sea Skiff, wood 35′)
Dan Diehl – Bella Vita – 1959 – Riva (Ariston, wood 22′)
Richard Moist – Chickadee – 1954 – Chris Craft (Utility, wood 15′)
Steve Spinharney – Finntastic – 1955 – Chris Craft (Cobra, wood 18′)
Jim Wolfe – Selah – 1959 – Century (Coronado, wood 21′)

Gold Awards
Alex Barry – Sleeper – 1981 – Bertram  (28 Fly Bridge, fiberglass  28′)
Alex Barry –  1968 – Cobalt (Bubble Deck, fiberglass 18′)
Jim Conner – Untouchable – 1991 – Hacker (Triple, wood 30′)
John Ganster – Shep 64 – 1959 – Shephard (Runabout, wood 22′)
Chuck Gibbs – 1974 – Cobalt (CD 19, fiberglass 19′)
Scott Hendren – Wax On Wax Off  – 1987 – Cobalt (Condessa, fiberglass 23′)
David Jones – Just Add Water  – 1979 – Glastron (Carlson CVx20, fiberglass 20′)
Dan Lorant – Phaeacian  – 1972 – Chris Craft (Constellation, wood 42′)
Scott Myers – Ngo Said Yes – 1946 – Gar Wood (Ensign, wood 16′)

Silver Awards
Mark Engstrom – Tin Fin – 1958 – Star Craft (Jet Star, aluminum 15′)
Paul Hastings – 1976 – Riva (Olympic, wood 22′)
Bob Kanak – High Expectations – 1937 – Chris Craft (Custom, wood 19′)
Phil Wolff – 1968 – Century (Resorter FGL, fiberglass 17′)

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25th Mahogany & Chrome Classic Boat Show

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