2017 Surf the Bay – Fairfield Bay, AR

Heartland Classics was again invited to bring our classic boats to the 2017 Surf the Bay event in the Fairfield Bay Arkansas. This is the second year we have participated in this event.

Kevin and Jeannie Hogan arrived on Wednesday, June 14th having spent several days in Eureka Springs Arkansas after leaving Branson Missouri following the Classics Cruisin’ Table Rock Lake.

Mike Yancey arrived Thursday morning having also spent time in the area after leaving Classics Cruisin’ Table Rock Lake.

Kevin and Mike quickly got their boats launched, though the high water did provide some challenges with the ramps under water.

Forrest and Kally Bryant arrived next, quickly followed by Paul Hastings and then Scott and Linda Hendren. These 3 boats were launched and then it was time to check into our lodging locations and head to our next event, EATING, at El Pablano’s Mexican Restaurant.

Friday morning was cruise day. Kevin Hogan and Jeannie were in Love Me Timber, Scott and Linda in Wax On, Wax Off, and Forrest and Kally Bryant, Mike Yancey, and Paul Hastings were in Free Spirit. It was a beautiful, slightly overcast day keeping the temperatures in check as we headed south on the lake.

The water was smooth and we enjoyed a leisurely pace as Forrest Bryant led the group. Around 11:30, it was time once again for our favorite event, getting together, having conversations, and EATING.

So we headed by boat to Janssen’s On the Lake for lunch. We arrived and had just enough slips in their courtesy docks to get all the boats secured. We walked up the hill and had a great lunch. This is a very popular restaurant that is only open Thursday thru Sunday, so it is always busy.

We headed back to Fairfield Bay Marina.

John Conry, the marina manager, was glad to see Heartland Classics in attendance once again and wanted to make sure the classic boats were prominently displayed. One of the benefits of the high water is that the walkway to the marina was quite long, and enabled all the boats to be parked along the walkway, allowing everyone who came to the event, to admire these works of art as they came to the event. Heartland Classics also set up a table on the marina docks with information about ACBS and the Heartland Classics Chapter giving us the opportunity to talk with folks and tell them more about the club’s objectives and encourage those with interest to come join us.

Surf the Bay 2017

Friday evening we all met at the Little Red Restaurant for dinner. We had an excellent meal and spent a leisurely time in conversation with excellent service from the staff. We were the first group into the large dining room and the last to depart.

Saturday morning was the primary show day. There was a strong breeze that kept the temperatures in check with a mix of overcast skies and sun. The event was well attended with a mix of folks of all ages. There were bands on the floating stage as well as kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and flyboard demonstrations with the opportunity to allow attendees to try their skill. Our own Paul Hastings took up the challenge.

We participated in a boat parade around the marina and docks around 3PM. We were led by a small tug boat replica in which the John Conry, Fairfield Bay Marina Manager led. It was then time to re-load the boats and head for our final event, EATING.

We went to Janssen’s On the Lake for dinner. Again, the restaurant was packed with a long line of folks waiting to get seated. The food was excellent and abundant. As we finished dinner, we all said our good-byes before heading once again to our overnight lodging.

Thanks to Mike Yancey for report and pictures. Also Scott Hendren for additional pictures.

2016 Surf the Bay Report

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