2017 Grand Lake Report

The 2017 Mahogany and Chrome Show was another GRAND event.  Thank you to Phil and Gay Hennage and Chuck Gibbs and Kathleen Barrett, the core organizers, for your efforts which made it a success.

THUNDERBALL, a 1959 Riva Tritone, was the Best of Show winner.  She was restored to this pristine condition by Clay and Patty Thompson.

Thunderball-1959 Riva 27′ Tritone owned by Clay and Patty Thompson

All other winners will follow the weekend recap.

It was a breezy, warm weekend.  For Friday’s cruise, most participants rode in the bigger boats to cruise from Duck Creek (west end of Grand Lake) to Honey Creek (east end of Grand Lake) for a hearty lunch.

Food is always an important part of Heartland events. We all enjoyed the all-you-can-eat shrimp boil on Friday night and the Arrowhead breakfast – including their famous maple/pepper bacon, on Saturday.

Many observers came to the show at Arrowhead’s new docks to see the variety of boats from Antique through Contemporary.  Here are the judging results:

Best Non-Wood – Mike and Denese Yancey

1979 Caravelle I/O owned by Mike and Denese Yancey

Best Preserved – Dick and Cara Moist

“Chickadee” – 1955 Chris Craft Cavalier owned by Dick and Cara Moist

Best Restored Wood – Michael and Angela Beachner

“Libertybella”-1964 Chris Craft Super Sport owned by Michael and Angela Beachner

Best Outboard Boat – Cliff and Ginny McPhail

1957 Wizard El Dorado owned by Cliff and Ginny McPhail

Best Cruiser – Alex and Linda Barry

“Sleeper” – 1981 Bertram 28′ owned by Alex and Linda Barry

Best Century – Ken and Ro Everett

“No Big Deal” – 1947 Century outboard owned by Ken and Ro Everett

Handsom Transom – Phil and Gay Hennage

“The Lady Gay” – 1964 Chris Craft Constellation owned by Phil and Gay Hennage

Best Display – Steve Knight and Tami Benson

“Mornin’ Wood” 1940 Chris Craft Barrelback towed by period truck owned by Stephen Knight

Longest Hauled – Mike and Deb Binns

“Sea Rafter” 1953 Chris Craft Riviera owned by Mike and Deb Binns

Safety Award – Bob Cutler

“PIC 1” – 1959 Chris Craft Cavalier owned by Bob Cutler

Youth Judged Award – Alex Barry

1968 Cobalt Bubble Deck displayed by Alex Barry

People’s Choice – Buddy and Sherri Butler

“Woodwind” – 1940 Chris Craft Custom Barrelback owned by Buddy and Sherri Butler

Individual Awards were given to boats according to judged score.  ACBS judging standards were used to determine the quality and closeness to original condition.

PLATINUM Awards – Scored 96- to 100 points:
(pictured above…)

1964 Chris Craft Super Sport – Beachner
1953 Chris Craft Riviera – Binns
1940 Chris Craft Barrel Back – Butler
1947 Century Outboard – Everett
1959 Riva Tritone – Thompson
plus this cruiser…

“Two Questions” – 1972 Chris Craft 31′ Commander Sedan owned by Mike and Denese Yancey

GOLD Awards-Scored 90-94.5 points

(picture above)

1955 Chris Craft Cavalier-Moist
1981 Bertram Cruiser – Barry
1979 Caravelle – Yancey
plus these GOLD Award winners:

1974 Colbalt CD19 owned by Chuck Gibbs

1972 Chris Craft Ski Jet owned by Steve Spinharney

“Wake up to Tang” 1959 Glass Craft Citation owned by Zeb King

“Jan Marie”- 1964 Correct Craft owned by Darren and Jan Arnold

“Dr. Bob” 1959 Century Resorter owned by Bobby Gibson

SILVER Awards- Scored 85-89.5 points
(picture above)

1964 Chris Craft Constellation – Hennage
1959 Chris Craft Cavalier – Cutler
plus these additional SILVER boats:

“Pu-Haps” – 1961 Owens Sea Skiff owned by John and Marilyn Davenport

“Sandrina”- 1976 Riva Olympic owned by Paul Hastings

1972 Chris Craft 42 ft Constellation Cruiser owned by Dan Lorant

“Carter Rae”-1957 Chris Craft Holiday owned by Steve and Donnita Dagg

1948 Hacker Craft entered for Arden Dorney by Brent Howard

A few of the boats we see year after year like old friends.  Some from the past are missed.  But most exciting is to meet new members that have antique and classic boats plus those Late Classics that are adding color to the docks and to our membership.

Thanks to everyone involved; planners, workers, participants, and spectators.  Well Done!

Other boats at the show that chose not to be judged but contributed to the interest and boat stories shared:

“Just Roamin'”1962 Chris Craft 36′ Roamer owned by Pete and Ramona Seitz

“High Expectations” 1937 Chris Craft Custom owned by Bob and Linda Kanak

“Kathleen” 1954 Chris Craft 20′ Hardtop owned by Don and Kathy Parker

1955 Chris Craft Cobra owned by Dan and Alicia Diehl

“E Z Rider” 1956 Lyman Runabout owned by Bruce Hurst

“Love Me Timber” 1968 Century Coronado owned by Kevin and Jeanne Hogan

“Irish Mist” 1960 Chris Craft Cavalier owned by Rafe Hunsucker

“Little Outlaw” 1960 Glasspar G3 owned by Andy and Lacey Miller

“Wheaties” 1962 Century Sabre owned by Chick and Kron Wheat

“Free Spirit” 1996 Hacker Craft 26′ Double owned by Forrest and Kally Bryant

“Untouchable” 1991 Hacker Craft 30′ Triple owned by Jim and Marilyn Conner

“The Privateer” 1986 Century Resorter owned by Bobby Gibson

“Lake Rat” 1968 Century Cheetah owned by Tony and Kelli Fure

“Checkmate” 1966 Chris Craft 35′ Sea Skiff owned by Dan and Alicia Diehl

































































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