2017 Arkansas River Cruise Day 6

Well, this is the last day of the cruise. It was a great morning as we all climbed into the van and headed to the marina. Upon arrival, one of the crews found that critters had visited during the night. The bread in the food supply had been attacked. Fortunately the critters did not make a bigger mess.

After the shuttle of returning the van was completed, the four boats pushed off and headed down river. After about a 15 minute run we were at the first lock of the day. Fortunately a tow that was down stream heard our call to lock through and told the lock master to go ahead and lock us  through since we were coming down and he was going up. When the downstream lock doors opened we were met head on by the tow. Not a hazard, but made for a great picture when we departed the lock.

We continued down river under sunny skys and smooth water. There was a lite breeze blowing, just enough to put a rippled on the water and a little chop when you were headed directly into it.

As we approached lock number two we found we could not get any one on the radio. Mike got on the phone trying to run someone down. Fortunately while he was on hold, the lock master called back. This time there were two tows heading up stream. Once again, we got locked through prior to those tows arriving at the lock.

The rest of the run downstream to Dumas, AR was uneventful and before we knew it the cruise was over and we were tied up to the docks for the final time. We all went into the restaurant at the marina that had opened early for us. The folks going to Little Rock to get the trailers quickly had some food and then took off with Sean who had come to pick us up.

The ride to Little Rock was smooth as well as the return trip. After some discussion on which ramp to use we decided to use the steep ramp since there was no damage to the ramp. A couple of trips down the shallow ramp convinced us that there were issues since the trailer kept falling sideways.

With all helping the four boats were quickly loaded on their trailers with little or no fuss. The boats were dirty for sure and we took a little time to clean off the “beard” of river water, pickup the interiors, and put the covers on them. We all headed towards Little Rock and the boat show on Saturday.

A big thanks to Mike Yancey and his team for putting this cruise together !! It was for sure one of the most memorable weeks I have had on my boat. Getting to know the crews through out the week was a great time and by the end of the week many new boating friendships had been made.

As always here are some pictures from the day:

Really cool bridge. While we were approaching the train came across.

Getting ready for the first lock of the day.

Tow waiting for us when we came out of the first lock.

Commercial traffic

More commercial traffic.

Mike working the phone trying to find out what is going on with the lock.

Docked at the end of the cruise.

The only bid loaded for the return trip

Bella Blue loaded and ready to head home.

Cobalt loaded and ready to head home.

All the boats and crews are ready to head to Little Rock.


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