2017 Arkansas River Cruise Day 5

Day 5 started bright and clear !! After a day of rest the four boats going all the way pushed off the dock about 9am and headed down stream towards the first dam. Pu Haps ran with us down to the front of the lock and then headed back to Little Rock to get ready for the boat show on Saturday.

The first lock went quick and before too long we were headed down river once more. On this part of the run we saw a dredging operation and met a tow coming up river. We continued down river to the second lock about an hour after the first.

As we arrived at the second lock a large tow was just arriving at the lock ahead of us. We shut down and started waiting.  About 2.5 hours later we were finally cleared into the lock. While we were waiting the crews ate snacks and chatted. A couple drifted into the bank to find some shade. The sun did come out with a vengeance.

After locking through, the rest of the day was uneventful. A quick 45 minute run down to Pine Bluff was uneventful. We did see a large grain operation with trucks backed up for some distance along side the river.

Arrival at the marina was a bit challenging as the winds kicked up blowing the crews past the target slips. Linda met us at the marina and helped us get the boats bedded own for the night. Right across the marine was an older 105 ft boat.

The crews hung out at the marina while Mike and Erin went to get the van. We were all able to get into the van for a single run to the hotel. After settling in we headed to the Colonial Steak House for dinner. The Colonial is in a former elementary school providing a unique dinning experience. All agreed the food was excellent.

Upon returning to the hotel, Our cruise master told us we were back to the 645am departure times. But, hey, it is the last day.

Here are some pictures. Hope you enjoy:

Dredge operation seen along the river today.

Grain operation just before Pine Bluff

The Colonial Steakhouse. Excellent food, unique dinning environment.

Boats bedded down for the night

Power plant just prior to the days second lock. Hey, there was not much to take a picture of.

Tow coming up stream. One of two we say today.

Second lock of the day. Spent 2.5 hours waiting for the tow in front of us to lock through.

105 ft boat located at the evenings marina.

Floating mooring point inside the locks. This is what we tie too when locking through.


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