2017 Arkansas River Cruise Day 4

Day 4 was a day of rest and a hotel with not great WiFi so that is why the update is coming a day late. That aside, most folks headed down to the boats in the morning to start drying things out from the previous day’s soaking. At one point it looked a bit like a laundry down at the dock.

Each member of the group sort of did their own thing through out the day. Several crews pulled their boats as Little Rock was the end of the cruise for the them.

Eventually a group formed up that headed over to the Clinton Museum in the early afternoon. That is a wonderful museum that is really well done. Does not matter your political affiliation or your opinion on Clinton it is a really well done museum that is worth seeing.

After the Clinton museum we headed to Flying Fish for dinner. This is a unique restaurant with some excellent sea food. Everyone enjoyed their meals ranging from grilled salmon to fried catfish and some gumbo as well.

We then rode the trolley across the river back to the hotel. Little Rock has really invested in their river front and downtown area. The trolley line is a unique experience by its self but is also a very useful public transportation. The shops along the line are unique and offer a variety of dinning options, desserts, and unique products for sale. All of the major down town attractions and hotels are connected by the line making it easy to just park your car and ride instead of worrying about parking and driving and instead just enjoy the evening out.

The start time for Day 5 is only 9am so the crews get to sleep in for a day.

As always here are some pictures from the day:

Boats tied up to dock at Inland Maritime Museum

Hoga, was at Pearl Harbor

Clinton Library

One of the wonderful Trolleys providing transport in Little Rock

Old Little Rock train station. Now part of the Clinton Foundation

USS Razorback submarine. Our boats are tied up behind her.

Part of the group at Flying Fish.

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