2017 Arkansas River Cruise Day 2

The day started bright and sunny. When we arrived at the dock the fuel cans were sitting there full as promised. The boats loaded quickly and 30 minutes after the second trip from the hotel was complete we were backing out of the docks. We idled out of the cove where the marina was and were greeted by the first commercial traffic we had seen all day. We waited for two barges to lock through that were coming upstream. The reward was a wonderful sunrise over the lock.

After locking through we enjoyed spotty cloud cover on the run to Ozark for lunch. The boats ended up spread out on the river but all of the boats arrived in Ozark with no issues. The staggered arrival allowed the crews time to anchor out in the river and then to be ferried into the city docks for a short walk to BBQ for lunch. The ferry approach was required due to a low bridge and a low pipe over the water.

After lunch we all ferried back out to the boats, pulled anchor and headed to our second lock of the day. We had a smooth locking and all continued down stream towards Lake Dardanelle and our overnight stop in Russellville, AR. As we head down river and into the lake the wind picked up and we are met with white caps and waves. The whole group had to slow down and we ended up spread out pretty far by the time we arrive at the marina. In total boats arrived over a period of a couple of hours as each captain found the speed that worked best for negotiating the waves.

As everyone checked in we found that one crew had run into problems and had to shut it down. Fortunately this group is great about helping each other out and they were quickly in tow to a near by marina. The problem was a seized alternator so they decided to leave the boat and just ride onto Russellville.

Once again, Mike and his team had everything running smoothly at the marina. Mike ferried the crews to the hotel where accommodations were once again in order for the evening. Tomorrow promises to greet us with scattered storms but otherwise we are in the river for the entire day so hopefully no big waves to worry about. So far the group has traveled about 183 miles on the river. 89 More miles and 4 locks planned for tomorrow.

Here are a few pictures from today. Hope you enjoy them.

Start of Day 2

Waiting for First Lock.

Arriving at Ozark, AR

Low Bridge for Lunch

The fleet anchored out at Ozark, AR

Second lock of the day just down stream from Ozark, AR

1992 Century Arabian at Speed

Badger heading down river. Unfortunately she ended the day with a locked alternator.

This is how we celebrate the end of a long day.

Russellville Marina is under new ownership and provided great overnight accomodations

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