2017 Arkansas River Cruise Day 1

Saturday 9/30

11 Boats and crews gathered in Muskogee to launch and travel to LIttle Rock to drop of the trailers for later in the week. The drive from Muskogee to Little Rock was uneventful with all vehicles arriving without incident. Paul Hastings provided parking for the group at his facility. We then loaded into 3 vans and drove back to Muskogee arriving back around 7pm. The group dinner at Colton’s.

Sunday 10/1 – Day 1.

We were up and going by 6:30 with the vans shuttling us from the hotel to the docks. The boats were ready to go and everything went smoothly. Mike Yance briefed the captains. At 8:30 AM we pulled away from the docks and headed down river. Reach our first lock after about an hour or so under way. This was authors first experience locking through and it went off smoothly.

Clear of the lock the group headed down river and into the Kerr Reservoir. We headed across the reservoir to Applegate marina for food and fuel. Applegate only has one pump but we quickly established a rotation and worked the group through. BBQ was on the dock waiting for the crews. There was plenty to eat with no one going away hungry. After lunch we headed through out second lock and then into the river for a good run down to the third lock. After clearing our final lock for the day we had a good run to Ft. Smith. There was plenty of help at Ft Smith and before too long all of the boats were bedded down and ready for the night.

Please enjoy these pictures taken through out the day.

Captains Meeting

Entering the first lock

Owens Fueling Applegate

Lyman Fueling Applegate

Zodiac Fueling Applegate

Kerr Lock

Deep Lock

Owens Underway

Work Boat Waiting for Lock

Hers Waiting for Lock

Fort Smith

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