From the Helm June 2017

As I sit here overlooking Grand Lake, the water level reached almost maximum capacity (almost 8 feet higher than the normal level for May) earlier in the month, and is receding slowly, with slight ups and downs as the rains come and go, as water is released at a reduced rate to minimize any adverse effects downstream.

It is interesting to reflect back on the weather cycles that occur over the years. This year we have had significant rain that has caused most of the area lakes to be well above what is considered normal, but not too many years ago, rain was needed desperately and many of the lakes were below normal. So, much like Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, it can be too much, too little, or “just right”.

For the month of June, Heartland Classics has two events that members can participate in, so that we do not have too many events, too few events, but hopefully “just the right” number of events for this month. Though we are focusing just on June, there is a long list of events through the rest of the summer and into the early fall.

Cruisin’ Table Rock Lake

As I write this, it is Memorial Day weekend, and coming up is Cruisin’ Table Rock Lake June 8th thru June 11th at Rock Lane Lodge in Branson, MO. The folks planning this event have a multiple day event schedule lined up.   You should have already received your registration form in the U.S. Mail but you can also check the details as well as get access to the registration form on this website.  Sign up now!

Surf the Bay at Fairfield Bay, Arkansas

I know for some having two events in consecutive weekends creates some challenges, but for others, it just provides the opportunity for MORE BOATING!.

We have once again been asked to return with our classic boats by the organizers of this event at the Fairfield Bay Marina. We will show our boats to the public on Saturday, June 17th, but will do some cruising on beautiful Greers Ferry Lake on Friday, June 16th.


As I was reading the article in the ACBS quarterly magazine, The Rudder, regarding changes that are allowed with respect to modifications that improve safety without point reduction in the judging of boats, it reinforced to me that a regular reminder, needed by all of us, is to stop and evaluate our boats and make improvements in order to increase overall safety.

I am not going to address all aspects of safety, but a couple of things to consider, specific to being ready if 1) fire should occur and 2) equipment that reduces the potential to start a fire. Some personal examples of where I have attempted to exceed the minimum requirements, especially in my Chris Craft Commander are:

  • Fire extinguishers – Though the requirement for this size boat is for two fire extinguishers, I have installed two, very visibly mounted, smaller fire extinguishers, the sizing meeting minimum size requirements in the v-berth and galley, plus a much larger than required fire extinguisher, also very visible, in the helm for a total of
  • Having seen several boats on fire due to fuel vapor ignition, I have significantly increased the blower capacity from the original 300 CFM blower to dual 450 CFM blowers providing 900 CFM of air movement. In addition to turning everything off while fueling including the blowers, once fueling is completed I turn the blowers on for several minutes before starting. With the capacity of my blowers, I am able to fully exchange the air in the engine bay several times before I attempt starting.

So, though I provide just a couple of specific examples, I encourage everyone to analyze how safety can be improved on their boat and then implement the improvements.

A Final Reminder

The 2017 Annual ACBS Meeting & International Boat Show will be in Racine, Wisconsin, September 6-9, 2017. Glacier Lakes Chapter will be the host chapter.  Their pre-events will begin in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Labor Day, Sept. 4, 2017.  The International Boat Show itself will be at Reef Point Marina in Racine, Wisconsin

Hope to see ya’ soon!
Mike Yancey

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