From the Helm April 2017

I will apologize up front for being late in getting this month’s From the Helm written and posted. No excuses but time is definitely flying by.

Since I am late, I can state that the Hot Springs Classic is having excellent weather, a variety of boats are in attendance including wood, fiberglass, and aluminum. As always the really great members and guests are having an exceptionally wonderful time……………and of course we are eating lots, which is typical of our events.

More detail will follow on the Hot Springs Classic next month in May’s From the Helm as well as in Issue 2 of Mahogany and Chrome.

Cruisin’ Table Rock

Coming up is Cruisin’ Table Rock June 8th thru June 11th at Rock Lane Lodge in Branson, MO. You can check the details as well as get access to the registration form right here on the website. Sign up now!

Heartland Classics Purpose

Our upcoming quarterly Board of Directors meeting will be reviewing and voting on accepting some changes to our Chapter’s By-Laws. The changes are mainly due to operational changes that have occurred as our chapter has grown. The operational changes that have occurred over time, were presented and voted for approval at prior Board meetings, so this effort mainly makes sure our By-Laws reflect this.  However, as I reviewed our By-Laws which states the “purpose” for our organization in the Preamble, Section 1 and have not changed, are as follow:

  1. To provide a means through which individuals sharing a common interest in antique and classic boating can meet, share experience and information, exchange ideas and generate enthusiasm for all aspects of their interest.
  2. To serve as a repository and clearinghouse for all information relating to antique and classic boating.
  3. To establish and monitor protocol as it relates to antique and classic boating.
  4. To communicate with and report to the membership, the public, and government at all levels regarding its activities, purposes and goals.
  5. To promote, further encourage a love and enjoyment of antique and classic boating at its highest level in all of its aspects.
  6. To sponsor antique and classic boat shows for the benefit of the public at large and to educate members of the Chapter and the public at large by conducting research and maintaining a library with information regarding classification, restoration and authenticity of antique and classic boats and in general, promote and sponsor activities designed to promote an interest in and educate the public at large about antique and classic boats and boating.
  7. To promote all of the purposes of the Antique and Classic Boat Society, Inc. (hereinafter sometimes referred to as “The Society”) as stated in Article II of the Constitution of The Society.

It is always good to refresh our memory on the stated purpose of our organization which focuses on education and information about our hobby, but the interaction of members, the relationships that result, and the enjoyment I see members having at various events is a major benefit of membership and of being actively involved with Heartland Classics.

Two 2017 “Special” Events

All of our events are important, but I want to continue to encourage everyone to try to take part in a couple of events for 2017 that have not been part of our standard repertoire. We already have a few early registrations for the Arkansas River Odyssey, and this event has been promoted nationally with interested by ACBS members from other chapters.  Registration forms for both events are on the website at

2nd Arkansas River Odyssey and Little Rock Classic Boat Display

The 2nd Arkansas River Odyssey on Saturday September 30th running thru Friday October 6th where we will travel through 13 locks and cover 370 miles. Registration deadline is at the end of July but I encourage you to register EARLY.

Heartland Classics Boat Display on the Arkansas River in Little Rock Arkansas on Saturday October 7th. This is the first time for such a display and a significant opportunity to highlight our hobby and our passion in the middle of a vibrant downtown location and, address one of this year’s objectives to double Heartland Classics member base in the state of Arkansas as we let others know about the organization who are also interested in classic boating. This event follows the 2nd Annual Arkansas River Odyssey, so we need a large number of participants. This event will not have a registration cost as other events, but will have a registration form for planning purposes and for use in determining how much dock space we need to plan to have available. The only costs will be travel, hotel, meals, and other incidentals.

I always welcome comments and suggestions from the membership, so I can be reached by phone at 918-409-7801 or email at I am also very interested in hearing from event attendees what was positive and what part of the event needs some changes.

Hope to see ya’ soon!
Mike Yancey

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