It takes a lot of dedicated individuals to keep a dynamic group like Heartland Classics up and running. If you ever need to contact any of them directly please feel free to do so.  The information is provided here in the interest of advancing the classic boating hobby.

President Mike Yancey 918-409-7801
Vice President Chuck Gibbs 918-645-9000
2nd Vice President Phil Hennage 918-633-7153
Secretary Kathleen Barrett 918-770-5110
Treasurer Denese Yancey 918-409-7801
Past President Mike Langhorne 501-318-7666
Newsletter Forrest Bryant  816-896-1818
Membership Kathy Parker 417-739-2124
Show Chairs
Workshop Event Dan Diehl
Hot Springs Event Mike Langhorne
Grand Lake Event Gibbs/Barrett
Table Rock Event Don Parker
Class of 2018 Alex Barry
Class of 2018 Rafe Hunsucker
Class of 2018 JohnDavenport
Class of 2019 Buddy Butler
Class of 2019 Bob Cutler
Class of 2019 Tony Fure
Class of 2020 Darren Arnold
Class of 2020 Mike Binns
Class of 2020 Ken Everett
Website Kathy Parker
Youth J&M Davenport  417-234-5102
Outboards Mike Langhorne (501) 318-7666
Ships Store Becky Caddell 417- 840-8699